Dr Kelly Brogan blogs on Dr Pert and the “Science” of Psychiatry

Recently I was introduced to the writings of Dr Kelly Brogan, a holistic health psychiatrist (kellybroganmd.com), who like Dr Candace Pert does not see much patient benefit in the medicalized model of depression and mental illness. That prevailing model claims the causes of mental illness relate to chemical deficiencies in the brain. For those of you familiar with Candace’s book MOE (Molecules of Emotion) you will know that she considered “dis-ease” to be a disruption of the psychosomatic communication network of the BodyMind.  The latest findings support this concept as depression seems a result of inflammation, which we know is systemic, a feature of both brain and body,  that also relates to the gut microbiome, what we eat for example.

Here Dr Brogan highlights Candace’s pioneering writings and adds her own interpretations and clinical insights into what she calls the “Myth of the Science of Psychiatry”. I enjoyed her blog a lot and hope you do as well.

Dr Kelly Brogan, MD blog

M Ruff. Jan 3 2015

Some Background

Candace had a long history of speaking against the overuse of psychiatric medications and she studied alternative, non-drug “interventions”, like body work, meditations , affirmations, and later prayer, spirit, and states of bliss. Candace believed techniques such as these can be used to induce states of bliss and relaxation, mediated by the molecules of emotion. Bliss and relaxation, who doesn’t want that?!, and even more so when we consider that physiologically these states are an antidote, treatment if you like, to chronic inflammation, whose relevance lies in it being the cause for  all our chronic degenerative conditions, even our aging, and as Dr Brogan explains, this includes depression. We need to “chill out”, by “blissing out” (CBP).

An appreciation of the ancient wisdom of the chakra system, which corresponds to modern scientific discoveries about the location of neuropeptide-enriched nodal points along our bodies’ longitudinal axis, think spinal cord, can help us enter a relaxed state of mind where natural recuperation and recovery can occur. Learning new positive thought patterns is also facilitated so that we can permit conscious calm access to our “bodyminds” below the neck. We are stressed out instead of blissed out, spending time and energy, subconsciously even, focusing on irrelevant fear-based survival patterns which no longer serve us.

Candace produced the CD (store) “Charkra Meditations for all your Bodyminds” in order to “Feel G(o)od”.  She intended it to be used alone or together with other methods, for wellness benefits, and she wanted to do outcomes studies, like time to recovery, days lost from work, activity scales etc., which are clinically meaningful and for which the data is easily collected.

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