RAPID Pharma, AG Lawsuit against Gaytri Kachroo of Kachroo Legal Services.

A discordant note, re a person who took advantage of Candace’s generous and trusting nature. Dr Pert’s personal attorney Gaytri Kachroo, of Kachroo Legal Services, Cambridge, MA was accused of fraud and misconduct by the Directors and Shareholders of the Company Candace founded, RAPID Pharmaceuticals AG, who filed a lawsuit in August, 2015. The story was covered on p1 of the Boston Globe.  After Candace died Kachroo concocted a scheme to drive Rapid into bankruptcy by paying funds to herself and family members and illegally tried to transfer its intellectual property to a competing business she created, Arise BioPharma Inc. This has brought the development of Dr Pert’s medicines to a standstill and deprived millions of people of the possible health benefits of her peptide treatments, the subject of the 2013 film Dallas Buyers Club.

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