Memorial Lectures: September 14, 2014

SCIENCE & SPIRITUALITY September 14, 2014
with Joan Borysenko


5th US Spiritist Medical Conference, September 20-21

George Washington University, Washington, DC


A Tribute to Dr Candace Pert


Why do we get sick?,  how can we get better?

What do “Emotions” have to do with this? Are they stored in the Body? How is your body your Subconscious Mind?

Why do we feel the way we feel? How can we feel better? What is Bliss, and do we get it?

Can we cure AIDS,  find a vaccine? Treat Autism? Schizophrenia?

These are some of the “Big Questions” Candace has researched, lectured on, and written about. Explore her web site and discover some of the knowledge and wisdom she wanted to share. We will slowly add more information and look for ways to stimulate discussion of Candace’s many insights into health and wellness.   Michael Ruff, Site Editor  (CONTACT)

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