Latest Trailer for Documentary Film: “Candace Pert’s Molecules of Emotion”

We have begun filming a documentary film on the life and contributions of Dr Candace Pert to the field of Mind-Body medicine and will post updates here and on her FB page.   Additional information on the film, the Treatment & Storyline is posted here.

The film is a project of the non-profit she founded with her partner Dr Michael Ruff, The Institute for New Medicine (TINM).   If Candace touched your life and you would like to support the film, you can learn more about TINM and make a tax-deductible contribution here.

Enjoy the new trailer!June Trailer, "Molecules of Emotion"

4 Responses to “Latest Trailer for Documentary Film: “Candace Pert’s Molecules of Emotion””

  1. Mary Phillips

    Like many people Dr Pert’s book Molecules of Emotion changed my life.

    I hold this wonderful human being in the same high regard that I have for the Dalai Lama, Thích Nhất Hạnh and other great enlightened people of the modern era.

  2. Tiffany Barsotti

    I would love to host a screening party and support your missions. You and Candace are very special people and have done so much for so many. Thank you!

    • Michael Ruff

      Thanks Tiffany, well when we get there I’ll take you up on the offer! Mike


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