Peptide T & Dallas Buyers Club: What the Washington Post got Wrong

There has been a steady stream of interest in this topic as Dr Pert’s drug called Peptide T was featured in the 2013 movie. She and I (M Ruff) have spent many years researching this experimental drug for HIV, Neuro-AIDS, Pain, and Alzheimers Disease.  A few months after Dallas Buyers Club premiered the Wash Post ran an article in which some of those interviewed repeated a host of misinformation on the effectiveness of this experimental medicine and the research behind it. Ron Woodroof, the central character in the story, used Peptide T and in an interview he gave in “Dallas Life Magazine” in Aug, 1992 claimed it kept him alive. I think Ron had good reason to believe that and I have pulled together the key facts from peer-reviewed scientific articles that were left out of both the movie, and the Washington Post article, as a short slide deck. I tell why this drug is still relevant to HIV Neuro-AIDS in 2016, and for that matter Alzheimers etc.   Here’s the link:   Dallas Buyers Club & PT

2 Responses to “Peptide T & Dallas Buyers Club: What the Washington Post got Wrong”

  1. WAYNE

    Why can’t I find out what drug/drugs ,,, Charlie Sheen & Magic Johnson are using to combat there H.I.V. ??? Should be public knowledge,,, since public is aware they are H.I.V. + … ??? What’s. the drug/drugs they use ??? Answer PLEASE. !!! Blessings

    • Michael Ruff

      People have a right to privacy, so no not ‘public knowledge” re their treatments. But I can assume that they will be taking a ‘cocktail’ of anti-HIV medicinces called “HAART”, or just “ART”, for highly active anti-retroviral therapy. It will be designed by a physician based on prior treatments, level of viral load, and type of viruses, among other factors. You can start a search here, but many other sites as well.


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