We have begun filming a documentary with San Diego based filmaker Raul Sandelin on the life and contributions of Dr. Candace Pert to the field of Mind-Body Medicine, the dawn of Psychopharmacology, and the drugs, like Peptide T, she was testing for HIV, Alzheimer’s, Autism, and brain injury. The project is being produced by The Institute for New Medicine, a non-profit founded by Drs. Pert and Ruff to promote research, education, and safe effective new treatments.  We have recently posted the latest film trailer, with interviews of Drs Joan Borysenko, Hyla Cass, Anne B Young, Michael Ruff and Stephen K Smith, check it out! And “More Info” has the Treatment and additional details of the film project. Support us and help spread the word to your interested colleagues and friends!

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More Info on the film (Synopsis, Themes, Production Crew) is  HERE



Psychosomatic WellnessCandace once commented, “We’ve all heard about Psychsomatic Illness, but have you heard about Psychosomatic Wellness?  Listen to a 4 min clip of Candace explaining her idea’s;  “Since emotions run every system in the body don’t underestimate their power to treat and heal”. 

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Her second CD is “Healing the Hurting”, where Candace guides us through a “chakra meditation”, to release the stored emotions and memories of our charkras, is also available in the Store, with her books and other CD’s. We think you will enjoy and benefit from regular listening!


Dr. Candace Pert (1946-2013) has been called “The Mother of Psychoneuroimmunology”, and “The Goddess of Neuroscience” by her many fans.  To her colleagues she was an internationally recognized neuroscientist and pharmacologist who published over 250 research articles and was a significant contributor to the emergence of Mind-Body Medicine as an area of legitimate scientific research in the 1980’s. In particular Candace formulated a theory of the emotions, mediated by receptor active peptides, such as the neuropeptides and immune system cytokines, as the agents that integrated communication between the brain and the body. Candace thought emotions were stored in the body and that that healthy communication via emotional expression was key to integrating the mind and the body. Wellness practices such as somatic, behavioral, and contemplative practices thereby had a physiological basis and could be used to promote or enhance health and recovery from illness by integrating the body’s native repair and regenerative systems, providing a biochemistry and modern interpretation for the Wisdom of the Body. Her ideas were taken forward by many others and there continues to be great interest in research studies in Complementary Medicine.  Her vision was for a New Medicine in which such practices would make a significant contribution to health, combined with or without traditional allopathic practice. Candace went where the scientific evidence took her. In order to draw attention to her many contributions the Institute of New Medicine is producing a documentary film on her life, see top of this page.

While a graduate student, Dr.Pert discovered the elusive opiate receptor, a major step in the advancement of neuroscience, which won her boss a Lasker Prize in 1978. Shortly thereafter and breaking the gender barrier, Dr. Pert became Chief of the Section on Brain Biochemistry, Clinical Neuroscience Branch, at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in 1983. Later in her career, she held a Research Professorship in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics at Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington, DC. At the time of her death in 2013, Dr. Pert was working as the Chief Scientific Officer of  Rapid Pharmaceuticals, which she co-founded.

Dr. Pert appeared in the films What the Bleep Do We Know!?? and  The People vs the State of Illusion and was an on air contributor to Bill Moyer’s TV program Healing and the Mind.  She is the author of the books Molecules of Emotion, The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine (Scribner, 1997) and Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d (Hay House, 2006). She also authored the musical guided imagery CD Psychosomatic Wellness: Healing your Body-Mind.  and  Healing the Hurting, Shining the Light, A Chakra Meditation for all your BodyMinds. Candace famously said “Your Body is your Subconscious Mind” and she believed the meditations and affirmations she wrote and produced in these CD’s would help you access subconscious patterns and reprogram them for better health.

Her AIDS drug Peptide T was featured in the 2013 Oscar winning movie Dallas Buyers Club, and more info on the benefits of Peptide T is posted in News & Events.

Key Acheivements

  • A Founder of MindBody Medicine.  Candace favored the “no-hypen” to emphasize wholeness.
  • Co-founder with Michael Ruff of The Institute for New Medicine (TINM), a 501(c)(3) research and educational non-profit.
  • Co-Founder of RAPID Pharmaceuticals, which was developing Peptide T and other drugs for HIV, Brain Injury, Pain, & Alzheimer’s until 2015.
  • Discoverer of the role of the emotions, via the neuropeptides of the brain and body in health, and immunity. Her scientific paper is here.
  • Described how the emotions act like drugs in the brain and body and control storage of memories, that is the brain is not the sole storer or processor of information, that happens in the body too.
  • Created “First in Class” oral peptide medicines for HIV/AIDS, like Peptide T, the first HIV entry inhibitor. Proven in clinical studies to enhance cognition, memory. Prevents neurodegeneration.
  • Medicines for Autism, Alzheimer’s, Pain, Traumatic Brain Injury, Neuro-AIDS and others.
  • Discover of the Opiate Receptor, led to discovery of the Endorphins. Showed pain relief in acupuncture occurred via endorphins.
  • Chief of Section on Brain Biochemistry at the NIH, Professor of Medicine at Georgetown Medical School, Author, Founder of Biotech Companies, Cures.